MicroClimate Collective Run by CCSF Photo Instructor and Alumn

CCSF Adjunct Professor of Photography Victoria Heilweil in conjunction with Glenna Allee (CCSF Photography alumni and MFA Graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute) have an independent curatorial project called MicroClimate Collective.  They have been working together for nearly 4 years.  Through interdisciplinary visual and performing arts programming, MicroClimate provides context for cross-pollination between diverse circles of artists. Their mission is to foster experimentation, collaboration, and risk-taking in an atmosphere free of commercial pressures.

MicroClimate Collective germinated in 2008 in collaboration with Climate Theater in San Francisco. For two years, the Collective curated one and two night multi-genre arts and performance events, and an artist residency project at Climate. In 2010 the theater moved, and MicroClimate Collective became a free-floating entity.

Last summer MicroClimate Collective curated a show entitled, “Perfect Place/No Place: Re-Imagining Utopia” at Million Fishes Collective in the Mission.  The show was a weekly pick in the SF Weekly, and received a glowing review on their online blog The Exhibitionist.

At the end of 2011 MicroClimate Collective received an Alternative Exposure Grant from Southern Exposure Gallery in SF.  The grant was juried by an outside panel.  Panelists included Julie Lazar, independent curator and Director, International Contemporary Arts Network; Jasmine Moorhead, Owner and Director, Krowswork; and Rosten Woo, designer, writer, educator, and co-founder of the Center for Urban Pedagogy.  The grant funds will support two shows for 2012; ” A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)” at Artists Television Access in September and “Reading Room” at Root Division in November. For more information about the MicoClimate Collective visit their website.


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