2012 Cherkis Scholarship Winner – Nick Venaglia

Congratulations to Nick Venaglia, winner of the Spring 2012 Yefim Cherkis Scholarship!

I travel to the outskirts of major cities, walking through unfamiliar suburban neighborhoods, main drags, and village alleys, seeking images that reflect the struggles and resources of every man. My subjects include birdfeeders, automobiles, apartment buildings, and diners. Digging to find these often hidden, private artifacts and showing them in the public domain has been a driving passion of mine. As a viewer and collector of the printed photo, I have always gravitated toward the found image, such as a Polaroid you might find in a ditch or behind a 7-11. I’m a voyeur as such, although the negative connotation with such a word would lead me to label myself as an “amateur photographyenthusiast”. See more work by Nick.


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