Alumni Alex Ramos’ Photography Exhibition

Afternoon At The San Francisco Bay Railroad

For an afternoon, the San Francisco Bay Railroad opened it’s doors to Oakland based photographer Alex Ramos and Mission Workshop to capture the day to day operations of this local industrial railroad on film and video. On exhibit will be both hand-printed color photographs and digital prints, showcasing photos of the SFBR, as well as more of Alex’s work will be on exhibition.

The San Francisco Bay Railroad is one of the oldest railroad institutions in the Bay Area established in the second half of the 19th century. Once running on 68 miles of track and employing more than 300 railroaders, operations have since scaled back, and it now employs a handful of professionals moving up to 4,500 railcars annually and is headquartered in the Bayview Hunters Point. Its primary business is handling soil trucked in from various construction sites in the city, loaded into freight cars and shipped by rail to various disposal sites across the country, all powered on bio-diesel.

Alex Ramos first gained an appreciation for photography at a young age after discovering his mothers digital camera. Initially self-taught and focused exclusively on digital photography, Alex went on to study shooting with film and printing in a traditional B&W darkroom at City College of San Francisco. In 2008 he began an internship as an assistant and preparator at Scott Nichols Gallery in San Francisco. There he was able to work with the prints of many photographic greats including Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Paul Strand, and Edward Weston. This work inspired Alex to develop a close eye on how line, shape and form contribute to the composition of his own photographs. This will be Alex’s first solo exhibition.

Mission Workshop San Francisco // 40 Rondel Place, SF, CA 94103
Friday, August 17th // 6-10pm


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