$250 Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fall 2012

“Self Portrait” was the theme. Katherine Souza the winner for Spring 2012. Juror Prof. Holman Turner said “As I looked through the images, there were many that were interesting for a variety of reasons. And in many of them, there were minor or not so minor technical issues. However, the deciding factor for me was the fact that as I viewed this image, I simply could not get away from her. It was a decisive moment that was captured, and this is why I selected her. For a portrait should not only be interesting, but compelling – and I felt that Katherine was.”

Entries due Friday  Nov 2, 2
012  (just extended!)

Open to Beginning Photography Students currently enrolled in PH51.

“Light As Subject”.
The very essence of the word ‘photo’ means light. One way of looking at light is to think of it as the subject of the image itself or to follow it, see it, and in turn to help others see it on any subject of your choice. Tips: Time of day matters as does direction and quality of light.

The Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship was established by the ESL Department in memory of the late and beloved Barbara Stewart, an ESL instructor and photography enthusiast. Each semester, a beginning photography student is awarded a $250 scholarship in her honor.

Matt Osborne, CCSF Photo Alumni & Proprietor Glass Key Photo, San Francisco

Entries due Friday Nov 2, 2012, ONE file per student.

Image Format Requirements If your image is greater than 800 pixels on the longest side but less than 1,280 pixels, you can submit it as is. Your images will appear large enough to be fairly juried. If your image is less than 800 pixels on the longest side, you may want to resize it using the original, larger file. Using lightroom export, choose “resize to long side” and enter in a dimension not greater than 1280 pixels. Submit as a JPG file at 80-100% compression.

File Names: Submit the image first_lastname_ph51section#.jpg – ONLY jpg file formats will be accepted. One file per student. If more files are entered – all will be omitted.

Dropbox: Access the Photography Server and submit your images into the Barbara Stewart Drop box folder by 9:00pm Friday Nov 2nd. Late entries are time stamped and will be omitted as will entrants that submit more than one file. Check to make sure you are following proper file naming conventions and use of punctuation. No “.’#$%@” or blank spaces. Use dashes or underscores instead. In Lightroom choose “file-export” and use the settings below. Need help? Ask a mentor.


Previous Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Recipients:

Fall 2012
Katherine Souza

Spring 2011
Christina Diep
Anna Khludova
Amanda McIntosh
Pier Abbate
Yoshito Saitoh

Fall 2010

Scholarship Recipient: Jenya Lum
Honarable Mentions:
Katie Cai Hua Tong
Dawn Carmody
Neeraja D
J. Phelps


One Comment on “$250 Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fall 2012”

  1. bruddap says:

    Good going K.
    Brings back great memories of Photo 51.
    Paul S

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