Alumni Spotlight: Seto and Tran Open “4×5 Gallery” in SF

Alumni Gordon Seto and Hung Tran announce the opening of 4×5 Gallery  located at 442 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA with  Alumni Matt Osborne’s Glass Key Photo newly located inside as well. 4×5 Gallery is accepting submissions to sell photographic works on site in the gallery and want to hear from all CCSF Photography grads and advanced students.

Seto says “Hung and I being photographers ourselves felt like there was a need for a place where local emerging photographers could display and sell their work so we decided to open a photo gallery that focuses on local photographers. Our business model involves renting spaces where these photographers can sell their work. We also started 4×5 gallery to stay in touch with the local photographic community”. To submit your work see below or follow the gallery at

Here are the submission guidelines:
1. Send 12-20 of your best work to
2. Please state the medium and size of artwork
3. Price of artwork
4. Artist Bio (up to one page)
5. Contact Info


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