Solo Show: Maxine Bauer


Photography by Maxine Bauer,
Gallery Obscura
Artist Reception: Tuesday night, November 6th @ 5:30 – 8:30pm
Show runs November 5th – November 21st.

FloraI’ve always had a passion for abstract art, bold shapes and vibrant color. This has led me towards creating photographs that have a painterly feel to them.

Flora explores the ways in which a camera records reality differently than how we ordinarily view the world. For me, photography is about finding beauty in ordinary places. With this work I hope to change the viewer’s perception to something unexpected.

The project started a year ago when I enrolled at CCSF and was assigned to shoot 20 to 30 digital images for the Beginning Photoshop class. Not knowing what to shoot I remembered the old adage “shoot what is right in front of you” and decided to start photographing in my back yard. The seeds of this project began to grow.

The show comprises five images from my backyard in San Francisco and the others are from Lake Tahoe, my second backyard. These images were captured with a Canon 5D using a compact-macro 50 mm 2.5 lens. They were minimally processed using Lightroom 3 with no post-processing special effects.

Working with the camera has taught me how to see differently and to be more observant. There is magic in the way a lens captures reality. Objects become transparent and layers are formed with a dream-like feel.

Personally, the exploration of what is often overlooked helps me feel centered. The focus on detail keeps me in the present. It is a form of meditation. I hope these images will convey some of the emotion experienced when they were created and in some small measure transport the viewer to a place of calm and peaceful beauty that exists in the world of Flora.


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