Fall 2012 Barbara Stewart Scholarship Winners

The Winners:

Our Juror, Matt Osborne, CCSF Photo Alumn and Proprieter of Glass Key Photo said “I went through the images two or three times and narrowed down to a group of about 15 images that grabbed me each time I went through them. Then I looked at them again, from a more critical view point (light/composition/etc.) and narrowed it down to the final 5 images. The final choice for first place was similar to the first round–I went through the images and let the winner choose me!”

All winners will show their work in the Gallery Obscura. All winners need to submit corrected RAW dng, tiff or large resolution jpg files to the photography server in the Barbara Stewart Scholarship Folder before Thanksgiving break. The photography department will make large format prints to show in the gallery. All entries will be featured here on the CCSF Photography blog.

Winners On View Obscura Gallery:
Mon, November 26 – Wed, December 19 2012
Gallery Obscura, Photography Department, CCSF

Winner ($250 scholarship, show in gallery obscura, Glass Key Photo T-shirt)
Adrienne Johnson (ph51001)

Honorable Mentions (show in gallery obscura, Glass Key Photo T-shirt)
Oxana Tocareva (ph51007)
Denise Maianson (ph51501)
Timofei Osipenko (ph51-001)
Annette Little_(ph51008)

A Slide Show of All Entries:

Thank you to all who entered the Barbara Stewart Scholarship, all entries are in the above slideshow. Congratulations to the winners listed below! Winners please follow instructions to drop off final files before Thanksgiving break so we can print them for the show. Ask an Instructor or Peer Mentor for help.

About the Barbara Stewart Scholarship Fall 2012:

Open to Beginning Photography Students currently enrolled in PH51.

“Light As Subject”.
The very essence of the word ‘photo’ means light. One way of looking at light is to think of it as the subject of the image itself or to follow it, see it, and in turn to help others see it on any subject of your choice. Tips: Time of day matters as does direction and quality of light.

The Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship was established by the ESL Department in memory of the late and beloved Barbara Stewart, an ESL instructor and photography enthusiast. Each semester, a beginning photography student is awarded a $250 scholarship in her honor.

Matt Osborne, CCSF Photo Alumni & Proprietor Glass Key Photo, San Francisco


3 Comments on “Fall 2012 Barbara Stewart Scholarship Winners”

  1. When are the photos going up? I went to see them today, the 27th, and they were not there : ( I can’t wait to see all of the images in person!

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