PH52 Spring 2013 Lecture Series “Photographers and Their Images” Announced

The Spring 2013 line up for “Photographers and Their Images” featuring professional photographers who come to lecture and show their work at City College over six Monday nights throughout the semester has been announced. Be sure to register for this one unit course  to secure your seatThis is a public lecture series as part of CCSF’s Concert and Lecture Series. This series of lectures is free and open to the public but can also be taken for one college credit and is repeatable. Come to the first meeting or stop by the issue room to pick up an add code in V160.

PH52-501 “Photographers and Their Images”, (1) CRN 30847
Instructor: Marshall Berman
Location: CCSF, Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Ave, Conlon Hall Auditorium. #101, San Francisco, CA
Meeting time: Six Mondays, 6:40 – 9:00 P.M.  MAPS and Directions


The program for this Spring semester includes the following. You may also see a list of past lecturers here. For more information and to get an add code for the course contact Marshall Berman.

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Orientation – class adds. To add the class earlier (after 1/14) contact Marshall Berman.

If one were to title this lecture it might be called “Something Personal”.  The images are not “pretty”,  not “easy” and not for folks under the age of 18. It is Fischer’s own beautiful, story in photographs… about a death.

The powerful and haunting imagery of buildings & interiors, once magnificent structures in some of America’s wealthiest cities, now desolate relics, is the focus of Westerhout’s eye. The visual journey and fascinating anecdotes in gaining access to  photograph these structures make a riveting story.

“I see this imagery as a new aesthetic. The broken down elements in the picture, even the crummy resolution, heightens the atmosphere with a sense of menace, isolation, alienation & disrespect. Google Street Views allow the look of anonymity because these pictures were initially made by a “machine” with no discrimination whatsoever”.

Mar. 11th MATT HABER
“I have long been in awe of the extraordinary physical expressions that choreographers create and dancers execute. The dancers, models, and I, always create these images collaboratively”.  Haber who looks at the human body as a language, has been working in this genera for the past 14 years.

Mar 18th BAMBI CANTRELL -*free to the public
“One of 10 best wedding photographers in the world”(American Photo Magazine), “International leadership award” (United Nations), “Lifetime Achievement Award” (Portrait Photographers Int.), and 3 best selling books, on portraiture & weddings . Bambi will be sharing her work & tips on shooting her highly imaginative weddings & portraits.   


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