Free Seminar: The World of Inkjet Papers..The Print Matters!

World of Inkjet Papers Freestyle Seminar

The Photography Department invites you to attend The World of Inkjet Papers – Success or Failure… The Print Matters! Open to all CCSF students.

Wednesday April 10, 2013, 3pm-5:30pm
Location: CCSF Ocean Campus – MUB 260, Multi Use Building
RSVP by April 1,2013 as space is limited: or email Prof. Erika Gentry
Hosted by the CCSF Photography Department and sponsored by Freestyle

What’s Covered In The Seminar?

“The World Of Inkjet Papers – Success or Failure… The Print Matters!” presented by Eric Joseph, Senior VP at Freestyle, will educate you on every brand of inkjet paper available from RC to Canvas. You will understand how to match the right paper to your unique image. Unlike any other seminar, you will walk away from this with the knowledge you need to enhance and excel your printmaking skills. If you’ve ever wanted advice on what inkjet paper to use from an industry insider and expert, this is your chance.

No fees, no pressure, just good down-to-earth information and the ability to try before you buy at your convenience.

Learn more and Download the Seminar Flyer


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