Solo Exhibition of Fall ’12 Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship Recipient – Rebecca Janecek

Night Light


Night Light was photographed from the road in front of my parents’ house. During that semester I was taking the Zone System class from Steve Kiser (a former student of Ansel Adams) and was intently focused on the sensitivity of film and its ability to measure light by subdividing it into shades of gray across a single plane. The Night Light photographs are gelatin silver prints made in the City College of San Francisco darkroom. The images have not been manipulated because it is not a fictional nor a manufactured vision that I wish to display, but rather the echo of nature itself as exhibited through fleeting visions.

Two years ago a brightly lit strip mall was built 300 meters to the south of where I stood with my tripod when I made these photographs. That “progress” (another bank, another gas station, another 24-hour gym, etc.,) permanently extinguished the possibility of ever again witnessing such a majestic sight from the street where I once stood in awe. Last year Kodak stopped making the film upon which these reflections of fire and water were recorded through the density and distribution of silver halide crystals reacting to light, time and chemistry. This portfolio addresses the rapidly changing face of our planet and the ever-persistent assault on nighttime as it marches through our hometowns and into our bedrooms. Visiting my childhood home now is like taking a trip into the twilight zone—a world that never actually becomes dark. The stars and strikes have disappeared, and the warm sun is replaced at the end of each day by an eerie fluorescent overcast light.

-Rebecca Janecek

On Display in Gallery Obscura, April 10th – 30th

Artist Reception on Wednesday, April 24, 7:00-9:00 pm


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