$250 Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Spring 2013 – Entries due 4/25

First Place Fall '12: Adrienne Johnson "Light as Subject"

Fall ’12 Winner: Adrienne Johnson

What is the Barbara Stewart Scholarship?

  • It is a scholarship established in memory of the late and beloved Barbara Stewart, a City College ESL instructor and photography enthusiast. Each semester a Beginning Photography student is awarded a $250 merit scholarship in her honor.

Who may enter?

  • Open to all currently enrolled Photo 51 students.

Is there a theme or subject?

  • Yes, the theme this semester is Self Portrait.

What may I submit?

  • Students may submit one “piece” consisting of one or no more than two photographs. Each submission will be viewed and judged as a single piece, so if you submit two images, they will be considered only as a pair. You may, of course, choose to submit a single photo.

What are the submission requirements?

      • Images should be no less than 1280 pixels on their long side. JPEG format only! Largest jpg is preferred.
      • File names must be in this format: first_lastname_ph51-<section#>.jpg. For example: sally_student_ph51-001.jpg     No spaces or punctuation other than – or _
      • If 2 files are submitted, they should have sequence numbers 1 & 2 as well.

Student’s name must be included as Creator in the file metadata and contact information – phone and/or email must also be included in metadata. Submissions without this information will not be considered!

How do I submit?

  • Files should be uploaded to the Barbara Stewart drop box on the Photography Server.
  • Submissions must be received no later than 9:00 pm on April 25.

Still have questions?

  • Ask your Instructor or a Lab Supervisor for assistance or
  • Contact Steven Raskin at sraskin@ccsf.edu

Previous Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Recipients:
Fall 2012

Scholarship Recipient: Adrienne Johnson
Honorable Mentions:
Oxana Tocareva
Denise Maianson
Timofei Osipenko
Annette Little

Exporting with Lightroom (file -export)

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 4.34.36 PM


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