PH52 Fall 2013 Lecture Series “Photographers and Their Images” Announced

The Fall 2013 line up for “Photographers and Their Images” featuring professional photographers who come to lecture and show their work at City College over six Monday nights throughout the semester has been announced. Be sure to register for this one unit course to secure your seat. This series of lectures is available to be taken for one college credit and is repeatable. One lecture per semester is free and open to the public as indicated as part of CCSF’s Concert and Lecture Series, otherwise all others require registration.  Come to the first meeting or stop by the photography issue room to pick up an add code in V160. REGISTER

PH52-501 “Photographers and Their Images”, (1) CRN 71101
Instructor: Marshall Berman
Location: CCSF, Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Ave, Conlon Hall Auditorium. #101, San Francisco, CA
Meeting time: Six Mondays, 6:40 – 9:00 P.M. MAPS and Directions

The program for this Fall semester includes the following (download pdf). You may also see a list of past lecturers here. For more information and to get an add code for the course contact Marshall Berman.

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Program #1. Aug. 19th, FIRST MEETING
Important orientation, course expectations and opportunity to “add the class” and “head count” needed.

Program #2. Aug 26 KIRK CRIPPENS
Newspace Center of Photography (artist in res.) 2013/ Pro Arts
Photo Festival 2013 & 2013/ Gift Of Gift Of selected artist/ 2012,
Rayko Photo Center (artist in residence program)/ 2012,
Photolucida (Book Prize Finalist)/ 2011 Photolucida (critical mass Top 50)/ 2011,
Lishi International Photo Featival, China (honored guest)/ 2011, Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art./ 2011 Fleishhaker
Foundation, (Eureka Fellowship program). / 2011, Art Slant juried showase winner, and prize./ PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK NOW (fine art category)./ 2010, Photolucida, Critical Mass (top 50)./ 2010, Blue Earth, (best project photography./ …And these are just the “recent honors”.

Look him up and you’ll see why there is no more room for these accolades and bio:

PERRY: a Bay Area photographer especially drawn to street photography andurban landscape. “Classes at CCSF helped me to discover a passion for photography that I didn’t know to exist”
CARUANA: Shoots commercial, wedding & editorial. She recently created a portrait book of Bay Area Fashion Designers titled, “The Bay: Creators of Style”. This book and accompanying show was a wildly popular event and featured in many Bay Area publications.
ZHAVORONKOVEA: Has a degree in Industrial Design from St. Petersburg Academy of Art and has worked as a graphic designer for over three decades. Recently she has been working in photography, to express her artistic vision. Her projects are both personal and universal and speak to the viewers on an intimate and familiar level.

Program #4. Sept. 30th CATHERINE KARNOW
“The secret to creating great photographs of people is getting to know your subjects and making a connection with them even before you pick up your camera!” Her work appears in National Geographic, Smithsonian, French & German GEO and other international publications. She has also participated in several Day in the Life series, Passage to Vietnam, and Women in the Material World.

Program #5. Oct. 14th TROY PAIVA
“I love the lonely, wide open spaces and lack of man made ambient light that exists in the desert. Last year I was in England to give a lecture and managed to get three nights of shooting at a WW II POW camp, a train junkyard, and an aircraft bone yard. Typically British weather, socked in, and rainy skies. I’m happier shooting in the deserts of California.

Program #6. Oct. 28th SCOTT LONDON
Scott has been photographing “Burning Man” over 9 years. His beautiful images are as incisive as they are entertaining, A California ­based photographer, journalist, and consultant, he is perhaps best known for his one­-on­-one interviews with influential writers and thinkers. He is a former host of “Insight and Outlook,” a program of ideas aired on National Public Radio stations across the United States. His range of ideas and thought is awesome.

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