Solo Show: Alexander Goodwin “Population Density”

Artist Reception: Thursday, September 12th, 6-9pm

On Display in Gallery Obscura
September 11th – October 5th, 2013

Through my work I try to encompass the feeling of America’s desire to cling onto nostalgia in a rapidly transforming world. I feel that this sense of nostalgia is deeply connected to each individual’s unique perception of the environment that they live in. This perception is influenced by the different places that they have visited and lived, childhood memories, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Population Density is a collection of photographs from the body of work that I have made over the past year.

After moving from southern California to San Francisco and traveling to neighboring cities in the Bay Area, I began to think more deeply about the visual characteristics of the spaces that I was exposed to as well as the influence that these spaces were having on me aesthetically as a photographer. These environments have become very important to me, as even the most mundane settings can yield a sample of surreality, or be a trigger for a forgotten memory. I am fascinated not only by the visually eclectic nature of the urban landscape, but by how humans live and interact in these settings.

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