Fall 2013 Barbara Stewart Scholarship Winners

Winners On View Obscura Gallery:
December 5th – December 21st
Gallery Obscura, Ocean Campus, Photography Department, CCSF

Winner ($250 scholarship)
Stacey Pang

Honorable Mentions
Yuan Gao
David Luong
Briana Shewan
Paige Thornton

A Slide Show of All Entries:

Thank you to all who entered the Barbara Stewart Scholarship; all of the entries are in the above slideshow. Congratulations to the winner and honorable mentions. The judge this semester was Professor Moshe Quinn, whose response to the work submitted was:

“I was very impressed with all the submissions for the Barbara Stewart Scholarship.  There were many visually stunning, and well crafted self portraits.  It made my job difficult.  In the end, I gravitated towards the photographs that evoked some sort of mood or narrative, in addition to being technically strong.  Those were the images I kept going back to, and that held my attention over time.  Each of the five final photos chosen had a strong concept, and the composition supported the idea.

The winning photograph had multiple layers of meaning, and was a decidedly complex photograph.  As I looked at the photograph, I continued to discover more elements. Each new discovery added more to the narrative.  I found the image thoughtful, compelling and vulnerable.  I was drawn to the conscious investigation of the gaze, and the questions the photograph brings up.”

Moshe Quinn
About the Barbara Stewart Scholarship:

Open to Beginning Photography Students currently enrolled in PH51.

“Self Portraiture”

The Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship was established by the ESL Department in memory of the late and beloved Barbara Stewart, an ESL instructor and photography enthusiast. Each semester, a beginning photography student is awarded a $250 scholarship in her honor.


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