PH52 Spring 2014 Lecture Series “Photographers and Their Images” Announced

The Spring 2014 line up for “Photographers and Their Images” featuring professional photographers who come to lecture and show their work at City College over six Monday nights throughout the semester has been announced. Be sure to register for this one unit course to secure your seat. This series of lectures is available to be taken for one college credit and is repeatable. One lecture per semester is free and open to the public as indicated as part of CCSF’s Concert and Lecture Series, otherwise all others require registration. Come to the first meeting or stop by the photography issue room (V160) to pick up an add code. REGISTER

PH52-501 “Photographers and Their Images”, (1) CRN 71101
Instructor: Marshall Berman
Location: CCSF, Ocean Campus, 50 Phelan Ave, Conlon Hall Auditorium. #101, San Francisco, CA
Meeting time: Six Mondays, 6:40 – 9:00 P.M. MAPS and Directions

You may also see a list of past lecturers here. For more information and to get an add code for the course contact Marshall Berman. You MUST be registered to attend the lectures.

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Program #1. January 13th, FIRST MEETING
Important orientation, course expectations and opportunity to “add the class” and “head count” needed.

Program #2. January 27th STEPHANIE MOHAN
Stephanie is a portrait photographer located in Fairfax, Ca. She opened her studio in 1996. Her work includes, but goes  far beyond the conventional portrait studio. Her quirky disposition has fostered a kind of “maverick” attitude about shooting people’s (and pets etc) portraits. Her “secret” is to create an atmosphere in which people can just be them-selves… And they do, and they are.. She’s terrific !

Program #3. February 10th RJ MUNA
RJ Muna is the is the driving force behind San Francisco’s largest commercial photo studio. Besides the over 150 national and international awards for his work, he has for the past 15 years been giving his time to work with dancers and dance organizations, a fascination about which he seems perfectly comfortable. He will be showing this work and discussing the how & why such a high powered commercial photographer makes the time to do this amazing imagery.

Program #4. February 24th ALLYSON BELCHER
Alyson’s remarkable people photographs combine two very opposing aspects of photography: “motion” (as in body movement and dance). And a “pin hole camera”, which by it’s very nature requires (a “time” exposure). This “paradox” is recorded on black & white polaroid film.

Program #5. March 10th RICK ROCOMORA
Rick might be considered the “statesman” of all the international photographers. His passion for the photo/documentary “truths” has allowed him to see and record places in this world that we will never be exposed to…Hard truths, heart rending facts. His mages can be found in museums, books, and collections all over the world.

Program #6. March 24th CRAIG  MOREY
As a student, Craig studied with noted Bauhaus artist, Henry Holmes Smith, moved to San Francisco in the ’70s and started the CAMERA WORK GALLERY. In 1981 Morey freelanced, garnering many awards for his work and who’s client list ran from Apple, Levi Strauss, Penthouse, Avon, Architectural Digest, The Gap,  Wells Fargo, and many more….Then the nude,.. and how he migrated to his erotic imagery.


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