Solo Show: Sarah Lewington

15 Seconds
A Photographic Exploration of Tai Chi

Black and White Photography by Sarah Lewington
On Display in Gallery Obscura March 15th, 2014 – April 11th, 2014
Artist Reception Tuesday, March 16th at 6pm-8pm

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The impetus for this series was a failed search for Tai Chi images that defied the clichéd, pajama clad man standing on a hill at sunset. These prints are my rejection of said cliché.
Tai Chi is an internal martial art based on a series of circular and spiral movements that conform to, and exemplify the laws of physics. The movements are integral to Tai Chi’s philosophy of being one with nature, where its healthful qualities find their expression, and where the martial applications derive their power. These images are but tiny fragments of an expansive physical and mental system as experienced by me.
Each of these silver gelatin images is a single, fifteen second exposure with one or more strobe flashes. By using a long exposure my intent was not to deconstruct the movements, but instead to show their inherent fluidity and simplicity. By freezing the movement with a flash I wanted to convey that at any point in the form, the mind is consciously focused.


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