Spotlight: PHOT 83 View Camera Techniques

PHOT 83. View Camera Techinques (2)
Lec-2, lab-1, field trips P/NP Available
An exploration of the 4 x 5 view camera through hands-on experience. Investigation of exposure, perspective control, and camera movements, as applied to studio, architectural and fine art photography. Cameras and accessories are available to students.

“The view camera offers special advantages to the creative photographer, namely: excellent detail and resolution in the image; very narrow or very expansive depths of field; perspective corrections; and moving the orientation of the plane of focus.

In this course, students will engage with technical and creative uses of the view camera for photographic expression, exploring features that are unique to this format of photography while developing their personal and creative vision. Sample creative projects will include: creative uses of depth-of-field effects; photographing buildings with corrected perspective; still lifes with control of lighting; basic Zone System calibration, pre-visualization, and metering. The course will culminate in a body of work exploring some visual interest or idea”. – Moshe Quinn, Instructor

View Camera Techniques “should be a required class for all photography students.  Being able to understand and make use of the perspective control and depth of field afforded by view cameras,  the slowing of the process of making a photograph, and the extraordinary detail available from large format film, have informed all my photography, regardless of format.  Moshe is an excellent instructor, taking time to ensure that everyone is both keeping up with the pace, and providing engaging exercises to clearly illustrate the principles and skills at hand.”
– Peter Molettiere, Student

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