Spotlight: PHOT 102A – Architectural Photography

Lec-2, lab-1, field trips, P/NP Available
Late start Fall 2014 – first class meets 9/22/201411/19/2014
Mondays 12:40-4:40 HC213 and Wednesdays 12:40-2:40 V145
Instructor Nadereh Degani / REGISTER
Contact the Instructor or Come by the issue Room V160 for an add code

Catalog Description: The process of documenting buildings and other structures in their environments. Interiors and exteriors of domestic places are photographed for architectural applications. Topics specifically related to issues of architectural photography include: perspective control, use of different format cameras, filtration for incompatible light sources, attention to detail, and daylight effect on form.

“Architectural photography is specialized photography of structures. It involves special lenses and techniques to portray the subjects in proper perspective and without photographic distortion. It is primarily concerned with accurate portrayal of the structure. A tilt-shift lens can be used for 35mm photography… or a large format camera that has tilt, swing and shift, can be used.” – Gregg Anderton

Student Reviews:
“I loved Nad’s architectural photography class. She is very knowledgeable and shares that knowledge and her photographic vision passionately. I came away with a great portfolio from the various assignments. I really enjoyed the class/field trips and guest speakers. Thanks Nad for making the class so rewarding.” – Maxine Bauer

“Nad is a very good teacher. She is always giving you a clear feedback and always trying to find ways to expand her teaching. I really enjoyed her class. She creates a very nice atmosphere. A lovely person.” – Erika Castaneda Magana

“Photographing unique buildings has been my passion for many years. But it wasn’t until I took Nadereh Degani’s Architectural Photography course that I learned the best-practice techniques for capturing stunning images. This is the second course I have taken with Nadereh and both times her teaching skills made for a very rewarding experience.” – Gary Rocchio

“Nad taught the principals of good architectural photography in an interesting and very supportive fashion. Her strengths are her informative, constructive assessment of student work and her supportive, encouraging style. I have also taken advanced
darkroom techniques with Nad. I highly recommend Nad for that class as well.” – Bill Hickerson


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