CCSF Photo Register Now for Spring 2015

Featured Class PHOT90 “Portraiture”

CCSF is open and accredited Spring 2015- your units are good for life and will always transfer. Have you registered yet for a photography class? Registration is open! Save your seat now – classes start January 12, 2015.

1. Visit our website and look at our schedule of classes: . Visit our website to see our degree and certificates of completion:

2. Follow the admissions process if you haven’t yet:

3. Register for your classes.

Classes which don’t require pre-reqs are PH100 “Design Fundamentals”, PH51 “Beginning Photography”, PH50A or PH50B Photo History, PH52 “Photographers and Their Images”. After completing PH100 and PH51 you can move on toward more advanced applied classes in following semesters.

If you have previous experience please contact our department secretary to take a challenge test to waive pre-requisites or make an appointment with the department chair so you that can register for advanced classes. Dept Secretary: Joanne Bilodeau, (415) 452-5173,

For other questions feel free to give us a call or visit our website: or (415) 239-3422.


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  1. […] Classes start mid-August and mid-January.Register today for CCSF PHOTO Courses! […]

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