Solo Exhibition: Adrienne Johnson “Agathokakological”

From Ancient Greek ἀγαθός (agathós, “good”) and κακός (kakós, “bad”)
Adjective: Composed of both good and evil.

Beginning in 2013, I started making pictures of the awe inspiring sunsets that suddenly popped up in the latter part of that year. These were the most colourful and spectacular sunsets I had experienced in San Francisco in recent memory. Light bent in every direction to shine in every shade the human eye could see. Everything glowed. Of course, there was a dark side to the light. Almost all of the sunsets shot for this collection were the result of intense pollution caused by the Rim and Big Sur fires. Beauty and death and awe and finality. Glory and disgrace. Good and Evil. Do we revel in the beauty, or do we mourn the loss that gave it to us? Can we open ourselves to both realities and what that opening means – an agathokakological experience?

Photography by Adrienne Johnson
On display at Gallery Obscura
October 13 – November 7, 2015

Artist Reception October 22nd, 6-8pm

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