Solo Exhibition of Fall 2015 Cherkis Scholarship Recipient – Adrienne Johnson

65 Moments to Wake Up
Photography by Adrienne Johnson

On display at Gallery Obscura
March 1st – March 29th, 2016
Gallery Reception March 22nd, 6-8pm

Before you read further, snap your fingers once.

In the 12th Century, Zen Master Dogen taught in the Shōbōgenzō that each of those moments is an opportunity to wake up and “see” the universe for what it truly is, as well as the length of a moment – “A moment is a very small particle of time.  It is so small that one day is made of 6,400,099,980 moments.”   The snap of the 1/16th of a second shutter, the snap of a finger.

“Did you snap? Because if you did, the snap equals sixty-five moments” writes Ruth Ozeki in “A Tale For The Time Being”.

So here I find myself.  Trying to wake up one sixty-five moment, one shutter click at a time.

-Adrienne Johnson

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