CCSF Photo Club’s Group exhibition – “L’Avenir”

“L’Avenir (Things to Come)” is a group show by the CCSF Photo Club where members were asked to submit photographs showcasing the type of photography they are passionate about and plan to pursue. L’Avenir is the French word for the future and we wanted to honor Frenchman, Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre who is not only credited as the father of photography but made it accessible to all. The photographs displayed here are just a small sampling of our members’ talents and the work that comprise their portfolios. Techniques exhibited in this showcase are examples of skills learned in the many different photography courses offered here at CCSF.

Lara Enguita Cano
Dennis Chan
John Patrick Raphael Kenny
Jack Ma
Brianna Mendonsa
Suzanne Notario
Sonny Pichay
Gary Rocchio
Erin Schwab


On View in Obscura Gallery:
January 17th – February 11th, 2017
Ocean Campus, Photography Department, CCSF
Artists Reception: January 23rd, Monday at 6pm-8pm

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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