Industry Demo: Bear Images to Demo Phase One Backs on Campus

TONIGHT! Ken Clickenger, CCSF Photography Department Industry Advisor, Phase One Trainer and Bear Images Employee will be on campus Tuesday October 16th from 6-9pm. Ken will demonstrate Phase One digital backs with both medium and large format cameras. He will start with a demonstration of Phase One software from 6-7pm in V165 and then move into the studio to show a live shoot! According to our Industry Advisors, being adept in Phase One software and gear is a must for the aspiring Commercial Photographer. Free and open to all currently enrolled students. First come first serve – so get there to get a seat!
Here is an example of a phase one shoot in action from Volvo in Sweden:


Special Lecture: “Business of Architecture” with Steve Whittaker

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Special lecture being offered by Photographer Steve Whittaker, in conjunction with Photo 102A Architectural Photography at CCSF. All CCSFers invited.

Wednesday, 9/26/2012
Rosenberg Library, Room 305

The Business of Architectural Photography

The corporate world is becoming a more challenging environment and photographers are struggling to deal with those many changes. Emerging and seasoned photographers seem to hunger for more opportunities to learn how to deal in today’s world of challenges.

Estimating, licensing issues, scouting assignments, risk management, copyright protection are important factors. Assignments require attention from preparation through delivery and beyond. It’s important to communicate with the client throughout the process. It’s equally important to charge for those services and those charges appear on every estimate before the assignment is authorized.

Topics covered:

Estimating / Contracts / Stock issues
Assignment project coordination
Permits/release forms/film commissions
Risk Management / Safety issues
Assignment preparation, scouting
Case study- Assignment execution, related to lighting 24 story office tower
Copyright Registration
Post production

Steve Whittaker is based on the San Francisco peninsula, covering local, regional and national assignments. His specialty is architectural, interior and aerial photography with an emphasis on dramatic lighting. His clients range from architects, advertising agencies, interior designers, corporate direct and hospitality.