Hollywood Portrait from 1928

Neha Rameja

The state of California has dramatically cut the Community College System Budget. These cuts forced the cancellation of 1500 classes at City College last year as well as severely reduced budgets for classroom supplies, equipment, faculty and student technology upgrades and more. Your dollars will help our department stay current. To donate please mail a check directly to the Photography Department or stipulate you would like your funds to go to the Photography Department and follow the CCSF donation website’s protocol   as linked or listed below. Thank you – we greatly appreciate and need your help!

Make checks payable to: CCSF Photography Departmental Fund #141820, leave the memo area blank but in a separate note let us know how you’d like the funds used.

Att: Department Chair, Photography
City College of San Francisco
50 Phelan Ave. V69
San Francisco, CA 94112

If you’re interested in funding a new or current scholarship please contact the Department Chair of the Photography Department   (415) 239-3422. The CCSF Photography Department currently proudly funds two different scholarships to its students each year.

We are in need currently of new iMac macintosh computers. To see if we can support your equipment please call us and speak to a Lab Supervisor.

Each semester, the photography department hosts a one unit college lecture series called PH52 Photographers and Their Images. Some lectures may be viewed on CCSFs EATV public access station CH27 or as webcasts on vimeo:

San Francisco Community College District is a qualified Institution of Higher Education. Your donation is tax deductible under IRS code section 170(c)  and Tax PayerID 94 1721925

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