Lecture Series

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Each semester, the photography department hosts a one unit college lecture series called PH52 Photographers and Their Images. Some lectures may be viewed on CCSFs EATV public access station CH27 or streaming on vimeo.

Professional photographers present and discuss their work in technical and aesthetic terms, a unique opportunity for students to learn about notable photographers and discuss topics in a question and answer format.


Fall 2019 Sant Khalsa
Spring 2019 Adrian Burrell & Christopher Russell
Spring 2018 Lecturing Photographers
Fall 2018  Online Class w/Archives
Spring 2017 Lecturing Photographers
Fall 2016 Lecturing Photographers
Spring 2016 Lecturing Photographers
Fall 2015 Lecturing Photographers
Spring 2015 Lecturing Photographers
Fall 2014
Lecturing Photographers

Spring 2014 Lecturing Photographers
Fall 2013
Lecturing Photographers

Spring 2013 Lecturing Photographers
Fall 2012 Lecturing Photographers
Spring 2012  Lecturing Photographers

Stella Kalaw
First I need to say Ms. Kalaw interned with Irving Penn. In a way that might be enough of an intro., but the list of galleries, museums, residencies, awards, and publications attached to her name attest to the dynamic vision with which she uniquely explores the world around her. By the way, she shoots with “film” and hates the snow.

Craig Lee
Formally photographer for the S.F. Examiner / Chronicle, now specializing in food, wine, and the life style images of everyday people. His food and wine photography was recognized as the ” best in the nation” by the James Beard Foundation. This will be an especially unique evening as he will not only be showing his work, but will be doing a demonstration on how he actually shoots his food shots.

Chris McCaw
The early years involved self taught explorations in skateboarding/ zine /punk scenes with a fisheye lens the mid-late 80’s. After high school he learned everything he could about photography. Finally he fell in love with the simplicity of large format cameras, and in 1992 got his first 4”x5”. The following year he fell in love with the platinum/palladium printing process and even larger cameras. To this day Chris makes his living through the platinum/palladium process. Currently he’s working the boundaries of analogue photographic mediums with his project titled Sunburn.

Beth Moon
Beth Moon was a fine art major, although she is a self-taught photographer with interests in alternative printing processes. Beth employs platinum printing that she learned while in England. Beth has exhibited widely in Great Britain, France, Italy and throughout the U.S. She has had solo shows in London, San Francisco, Verona and Chicago. Beth has won the Golden Light Award from the Maine Photographic Workshops and she has been published widely in major photographic magazines.

Stan Muselik
Photography, advertising, fashion, still life, beauty, editorial, studio photographer based in San Francisco, California.

Deborah Oropallo
Emerging more than twenty years ago from the San Francisco Bay Area, Deborah Oropallo (b. Hackensack, New Jersey, 1954) has moved from traditional painting and printmaking to incorporating digital media and imagery into her work, creating printed canvas paintings and related editions of pigment prints.
Oropallo has always regarded her artwork as based in photography. In her early work she painted imagery from found photographs. Later, she placed objects on a stat camera, capturing a shadow or silhouette from which she made silkscreens and stencils that transformed images of mundane objects into visual abstractions. Recently, Oropallo has been using her own photography, and digital work as a natural evolution.

Mike Stapleton
A veteran F.B.I. agent with a specialty in forensic photography. During his career, Mike has been involved in such extreme cases as the “Uni-bomber( Ted Kaczynski), the Polly Klaas kidnapping and murder, the bombing of the Federal Building (Oklahoma City), and many other high profile cases. His work has taken him both nationally as well as to Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Huntington Witherill
Having trained with Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, and other “classical” photographers in the 70s, Witherill has morphed himself into the digital & photoshop tide as he borrows from his past into the present. His work has been featured in more than 100 shows and is in museums and permanent collections all over the world.

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