Solo Exhibition: Vicky Sinh “1/2 Frame”

1/2 Frame

Photography by Vicky Sinh
On display at Gallery Obscura
November 11 – December 5th, 2015

Artist Reception November 12, 6-8pm

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Student Spotlight: Vernacular Visions – presented by Justin Rhody

Vernacular Visions Audience, Fall 2014

Vernacular Visions Audience, Fall 2014

VERNACULAR VISIONS is a public monthly slideshow series of found 35mm photo slides presented by CCSF photography student Justin Rhody. Since the spring of 2013, Rhody has gathered the found slides by the thousands from various flea markets and junk stores and then edits them into a cohesive sequence for each monthly performance. The projected visuals are accompanied by an audio mix of related (and unrelated) sounds & musics in the form of a prepared cassette. Every other month, half of the night’s program is dedicated to presenting the work of a local photographer or filmmaker. This ongoing series is an exploration and celebration of the photographic medium and its subjects, spoken and coded in the visual dialect of the amateur practitioner. The show is presented in a relaxed tone that offers the opportunity for meditative contemplation, as well as casual and comfortable social interaction.

Flyer for Vernacular Visions 20

Flyer for Vernacular Visions 20

The public series originally began by taking advantage of an unguarded electrical outlet on Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland. After almost a year of hosting screenings at this location, the authorities eventually caught wind and the project became a roving operation that bounces from space to space each month. Within the Bay Area, screenings have been held at various warehouses and loft spaces, the Black Hole Cinematheque, ATA Gallery, SOMArts Center, various outdoor settings, MOCO Gallery, Ladybug House gallery and The Center for New Music. In the summer of 2015, Rhody took a “greatest hits” collection of found slides from the VV archive on the road and presented screenings in 12 different cities across the USA. The Center for New Music in San Francisco invited Rhody to conduct a three month residency (Sept-Nov 2015) in which a monthly slideshow is accompanied by a live soundtrack created by groupings of improv musicians.

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Read more about Justin and Vernacular Visions at the East Bay Express
Event page for VV24 on Sat Nov 21st in SF

$250 Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Spring 2015 – Entries due November 23, 2015

What is the Barbara Stewart Scholarship?
• It is a scholarship established in memory of the late and beloved Barbara Stewart, a City College ESL instructor and photography enthusiast. Each semester a Beginning Photography student is awarded a $250 merit scholarship in her honor.

Chloe Ginnever - Barbara Stewart Scholarship Recipient Spring '15

Chloe Ginnever – Barbara Stewart Scholarship Recipient Spring ’15

Who may enter?
• Open to all currently enrolled Photo 51 students.

Is there a theme or subject?
• Yes, the theme this semester is Self Portrait.

What may I submit?
• Students may submit one photograph in digital form only.

What are the submission requirements?
• Images should be no less than 1280 pixels on their long side. JPEG format only!

• File names must be in this format: first_lastname_ph51-<section#>.jpg. For example: sally_student_ph51-001.jpg
No spaces or punctuation other than – or _

• Student’s name must be included as Creator in the file metadata and contact information – phone and/or email must also be included in metadata. Submissions without this information will not be considered! Do not know how to do this? Click here: Saving Metadata in Lightroom

How do I submit?
• Files should be uploaded to the Barbara Stewart drop box on the Photography server.
• Submissions must be received no later than 9:00 pm on November 23, 2015.

Still have questions?
• Ask your Instructor or a Lab Supervisor for assistance or contact Steven Raskin at

Solo Exhibition: Adrienne Johnson “Agathokakological”

From Ancient Greek ἀγαθός (agathós, “good”) and κακός (kakós, “bad”)
Adjective: Composed of both good and evil.

Beginning in 2013, I started making pictures of the awe inspiring sunsets that suddenly popped up in the latter part of that year. These were the most colourful and spectacular sunsets I had experienced in San Francisco in recent memory. Light bent in every direction to shine in every shade the human eye could see. Everything glowed. Of course, there was a dark side to the light. Almost all of the sunsets shot for this collection were the result of intense pollution caused by the Rim and Big Sur fires. Beauty and death and awe and finality. Glory and disgrace. Good and Evil. Do we revel in the beauty, or do we mourn the loss that gave it to us? Can we open ourselves to both realities and what that opening means – an agathokakological experience?

Photography by Adrienne Johnson
On display at Gallery Obscura
October 13 – November 7, 2015

Artist Reception October 22nd, 6-8pm

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Alumni Spotlight: “Materials of Survival – Designs for Living with HIV”

This is the first exhibition of the entire series, Materials of Survival in which artist, photographer and CCSF Photography student alumni, Grahame Perry explores the issues of HIV and long term survival. It’s comes from the personal and communal experiences of being a long term survivor and ties it into the broader ideas of illness, stigma, health and survival. The show grows out of several years of work. Throughout the exhibit, the power of the underlying issues and the struggle to survive are magnified by the scale of the printed images.

According to SF Camerawork which recently featured several pieces from the Materials of Survival series in their Long-Term Survivor Project show,
Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 12.34.36 PM” This ongoing body of work is a highly imaginative reconfiguring of the visual elements in the life of an HIV-positive survivor. Perry’s at times fantastical depictions of pills, bottles, prescriptions, vials, and other paraphernalia provide a colorful but poignant visual vocabulary with which the artist tells his own story of struggle, uncertainty, memory, and survival. Perry’s work playfully combines graphic and symbolic photographic elements in the creation of abstract images that represent the very real process of the artist’s own quest for meaning and strength in the battle against HIV”. 

In considering loss and employing similar strategies, Perry reconfigures the public examples of deaths from AIDS. Using thousands of obituaries, and panels from the Names Project, he creates two large works, Every AIDS Obituary and Healing Quilt. Perry also uses some images from his other series, “Am I Blue?”, self-portraits that address mourning and fear. Lastly, the exhibit considers the present day and how intimacy, activism, and our vision for the future are being reformulated and reimagined.

Coincidentally, the exhibition will be the first in Magnet SF’s new gallery in the new AIDS Foundation building on Castro Street. Because of the neighborhood’s centrality in the struggle against HIV/AIDS, it is especially important for the artist to have the exhibition occur in the heart of the Castro. Many long-term survivors have called the Castro and San Francisco home. This show attempts to address some of the issues for long-term survivors while also placing it in a location which is relevant for gay men negotiating the issues of sexual health today.

The exhibition will run through the end of November and may be viewed anytime during business hours (Mon-Tues 1-6, Wed-Fri 10-8, Sat 10-6).

Facebook Event:

$500 Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship Fall 2015 – Portfolios due 12/05/15

$500 Yefim Cherkis Scholarship
All current CCSF Photography students are eligible.


  • To be considered, please submit an exhibition-quality (need not be mounted) portfolio of 10-12 prints to Steven Raskin in V174. Portfolios may also be left with any Lab Supervisor on duty.
  • Prints may be color or black & white, digital, analog or alternative processes, fine-art or commercial.
  • The winning entry will be exhibited in the Gallery Obscura; exhibition-ready work (mounted) will be required at that time.
  • The winning student will be invited to donate one print to the Photography Department’s growing archive of student work.
  • Portfolios are due by lab closing time on Dec 5, 2015 and must include a brief artist’s statement as well as your name and contact info.
  • Inquiries may be sent to

CCSF Photo Club and Fashion Department Collaborations

A collaboration has sprung between the CCSF Photo Club and the CCSF Fashion department! In the spring of 2015, the CCSF Photo Club contacted the CCSF Fashion Department to take part in their annual fashion show, a capstone production run by the students of Prof. Natalie Smith, who teaches fashion styling and modeling classes.  The result ever since has been collaborative efforts with Natalie Smith’s styling class, FASH 54B and our own CCSF Photo Club. In this slideshow, the inspiration is famous artists.

– Sonny Pichay (CCSF Photo Club President)

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