Solo Exhibition of Spring ’15 Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship Recipient – Suzanne Notario

Photography by Suzanne Notario

On display at Gallery Obscura
August 18th – September 12th, 2015

Gallery Reception August 25th, 6-8pm

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Alumni Spotlight: Grahame Perry

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 9.18.28 PMGrahame Perry, CCSF Photography Department Alumni is in the upcoming group show at San Francisco Camera Work Long Term Survivor Project with artists Hunter Reynolds (New York), Frank Yamrus (New York .  He created some of his images on view while being a student at CCSF. The opening reception is June 4,2015 (details below).

San Francisco‐based artist Grahame Perry will present his series titled Materials of Survival. This ongoing body of work is a highly imaginative reconfiguring of the visual elements in the life of an HIV‐positive survivor. Perry’s at times fantastical depictions of pills, bottles, prescriptions, vials, and other paraphernalia provide a colorful but poignant visual vocabulary with which the artist tells his own story of struggle, uncertainty, memory, and survival. Perry’s work playfully combines graphic and symbolic photographic elements in the creation of abstract images that represent the very real process of the artist’s own quest for meaning and strength in the battle against HIV

LONG-TERM SURVIVOR PROJECT Grahame Perry, Hunter Reynolds, Frank Yamrus June 4 – July 18, 2015 Opening Reception: Thursday, June 4, 2015, 6 – 8 PM Public Programming:  PRESS RELEASE

In celebration of annual Pride month and in honor of National HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivor Day (June 5th), SF Camerawork is proud to present the Long-Term Survivor Project. Taking place from June 4 – July 18, 2015, this is an exhibition and public programing series addressing the experiences of HIV survivorship in our society. The exhibition features the work of artists Hunter Reynolds (New York), Frank Yamrus (New York), and Grahame Perry (San Francisco). The associated public programming includes two nights of documentary photography-based projects and roundtable discussions: Portrait of Caring: Living With AIDS at the Bailey-Boushay House by Saul Bromberger and Sandra Hoover on June 10th, and The House of Bangy Cunts: Kiki Ballroom in New York by Anja Matthes on July 14th. As a whole, the Long-Term Survivor Projectexplores the history of AIDS, the current state of health, diagnosis and treatment of HIV, and the more personal, humanistic stories of those living with the past and present realities of the disease.

Spring 2015 Yefim Cherkis Scholarship Winner – Suzanne Notario

Congratulations to Suzanne Notario for winning the Spring 2015 Yefim Cherkis Scholarship! Suzanne will be exhibiting her winning portfolio, “Barbie” in Gallery Obscura in the Fall ’15 semester.

Suzanne Notario

Spring 2015 Barbara Stewart Scholarship Winner and Honorable Mentions

Winners On View in Obscura Gallery:
May 5th – 22nd, 2015
Gallery Obscura, Ocean Campus, Photography Department, CCSF

Winner ($250 scholarship):
Chloe Ginnever

Honorable Mentions:
Judith Dara Epstein
Thuy Mai
Molly Matutat
Hilda Scheib

Juror: Prof. Anna Asebedo – Department Chair of the Art Department at CCSF

Slideshow of all the entries:

CCSF Photography Club’s Group exhibition – “New Beginnings”


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Register Now for Summer Classes!

Register for Summer Classes

$250 Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Spring 2015 – Entries due 4/23/15

What is the Barbara Stewart Scholarship?
• It is a scholarship established in memory of the late and beloved Barbara Stewart, a City College ESL instructor and photography enthusiast. Each semester a Beginning Photography student is awarded a $250 merit scholarship in her honor.

Who may enter?
• Open to all currently enrolled Photo 51 students.

Is there a theme or subject?
• Yes, the theme this semester is Light as Subject.

What may I submit?
• Students may submit one photograph in digital form only.

What are the submission requirements?
• Images should be no less than 1280 pixels on their long side. JPEG format only!

• File names must be in this format: first_lastname_ph51-<section#>.jpg. For example: sally_student_ph51-001.jpg
No spaces or punctuation other than – or _

• Student’s name must be included as Creator in the file metadata and contact information – phone and/or email must also be included in metadata. Submissions without this information will not be considered! Do not know how to do this? Click here: Saving Metadata in Lightroom

Iedryn Orozco - Barbara Stewart Scholarship Recipient Fall 2014

Iedryn Orozco – Scholarship Recipient Fall 2014

How do I submit?
• Files should be uploaded to the Barbara Stewart drop box on the Photography server.
• Submissions must be received no later than 9:00 pm on April 23, 2015.

Still have questions?
• Ask your Instructor or a Lab Supervisor for assistance or contact Steven Raskin at


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