Course Spotlight: PHOT 102A Architectural Photography

Photo 102A, Architectural Photography is a hands-on class covering commercial and fine art applications specifically related to issues of architectural perspective control, lighting, various camera lenses, and camera accessories, aesthetics and visual communication.

Course Spotlight: Photo 80, Outdoor & Ambient Lighting

Photo 80, Outdoor & Ambient Lighting is a hands-on, how-to course in managing available light and light on location. Emphasis is on outdoor and ambient light, location light; designed to relate lighting to photo-aesthetics and visual communication.

Register for Spring 2021:
PHOT 80 ∙ 001 Outdoor & Ambient Lighting (3), Fridays @ 1:00 – 5:00pm (remote class)

Check out some of the great work that students have created in Prof. Williamson’s Photo 80 class:

Fall 2020 Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship Winner and Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to our Fall 2020 Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship and honorable mentions!

THEME “Through the Looking Glass”

Winner ($250 scholarship):
Corinne Regan

Honorable Mentions:
Sarper Celebioglu
Stacy Cook
Lily Liang
Veston Smith

Juror: Gorton Szeto, Glass Key Photo

The Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship was established by the ESL Department in memory of the late and beloved Barbara Stewart, an ESL instructor and photography enthusiast. Each semester, a Beginning Photography (PHOT 51) student is awarded a $250 merit-based scholarship in her honor. Information regarding submission requirements and submission dates will be posted in the later half of the current term.

Slideshow of all Photo 51 Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship entries:

Thank you to our judge, Gordon Szeto of Glass Key Photo!

PHOT 81D Intermediate Photography “Self Portraits”

“There is, in my opinion, only one conclusion that may be drawn from the idea that the self is not given to us: we must create ourselves as works of art.” – Michel Foucault

Some definitions of “self”

There are a multitude of ways to approach the photographic self-portrait. Self-portraiture is often utilized by artists as a tool for self-exploration – to reveal something very personal and unique, or typically human, or issues of race, gender, or sexuality. It is also a vehicle for expressing creative ideas and visually communicating an abstract concept, fantasy, or illusion.

Students in PHOT81D “Intermediate Photography” found themselves as subject during the COVID19 pandemic and thus worked creatively in various forms to self represent. Students include: Zara Avagyan, Elizabeth Anne Bertolino, Barb Chang, Anna Estrada, Sam Frishman, Anne Grady, D Scott Heiser, Alec Hughes, Benjamin Karpovich, Serna Liao, Chang Liu, Cinthya Nunez, Mishell Ramirez, Coleman Roberts, Anthony Schaus, Madeline Sery, Nonna Titulauri, Mavianne Ribeiro, Joel Wagner, Jones Wong, Betty Wu.

  • a person as an individual.
  • the person that someone normally or truly is.
  • the personality or character that makes a person different from other people: the combination of emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc., that make a person different from others.
  • a particular part of your personality or character that is shown in a particular situation.
  • the essential qualities distinguishing one individual from another.
  • an individual’s consciousness of his own being or identity, ego.

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CCSF Spring Semester Begins 1/19/2021

Registration opens Nov 30, 2020

Find the Perfect Photography Class for You – Remote or Online Spring 2021

All Spring classes will take place remotely or online for Spring.   Classes begin 1/19/2021 and online classes begin 2/1/2021 and will meet during the published time. There are several start dates for online classes – the first begins 1/19/2021. Students will pick up equipment by arrangement of their instructor at the beginning of the semester to use at home.

CCSF tuition is free to San Francisco residents and $46 a unit to other CA residents. International and out of state students pay a seperate fee. For more information and to apply online visit: Course Pre-reqs may be challenged by providing a college transcript of scheduling a challenge test. For more information visit the CCSF matriculation webpage.

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    1. Associate of Science and Transfer The Program is designed so that students may satisfy the requirements of graduation from the College. Students who satisfy these requirements receive the major in Photography if they complete the program of study with a B minus (2.75 grade-point average) or higher. The program adviser of the Photography Department will help students who desire to plan special programs of study and who are transferring in units from other colleges.
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      We offer a number of 1-2 yr certificates in photography. Currently enrolled students as well as past students may apply for them. Some transfer classes accepted and/or professional experience.
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Unity with Pride – Photography by Kevin Zhou

These photographs were taken in San Francisco during several Black Lives Matter marches and the day Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the election. I wanted to capture the emotion of the participants and their surroundings; the anger, the pain and the joy of possible change. These protests and marches, reminded me of the people who fought for civil rights and gay liberation during the 1960s. As a queer person of color, I want to document these moments when thousands of people in one city joined together to share a belief that everyone should be treated equally. As I walk along the rallies, I capture different people and each express their individuality and uniqueness. Some people hold signs to express their rage, while some dress up in bright rainbow colors. They all have a story to tell and they are proud of who they are. To me, unity with pride means no one deserves more than others because we are all human beings. We need to continue the activism, not act in violence and show how proud we are. Our voices need to be heard and laws changed to protect us. If not, the black community will continue to get hurt, as will other races, religions, and sexual orientations. I believe that we live in a country where everyone should be treated equally and with respect. 

Kevin Zhou is a native San Franciscan who recently received degrees in Photography and LGBT Studies at CCSF. He shoots editorial and fashion photography. He has exhibited in local San Francisco galleries and has assisted in photoshoots for a national magazine. 

Fall 2020 Barbara Stewart Photography 51 Scholarship


CCSF Photo Workforce Panel

City College of San Francisco presents Workforce Wednesdays. On November 13th, 2019, the following panelists shared their insights and career experiences in the Photography Industry. Watch to learn about their jobs, journeys and advice to CCSF students.

Arya Zarrinkelk | Moderator
Christine Wolheim | Food and Prop Stylist
Nader Khouri | Food & Lifestyle Photographer
Scott Davis | Digital Content Manager at Airbnb

Spring 2020 Student Work Showcase

During a very strange semester of shelter at home orders – CCSF PHOTO students still managed to do some excellent work. We are proud to present some of that here – stay tuned for more!

PHOT 130 Portfolio Production

PHOT 51 Beginning Photography


Summer 2020 Photography Classes