Solo Exhibition of Spring 2016 Cherkis Scholarship Recipient – Joseph Johnston

Struggling with Addictions

Photographs: Joseph Johnston
Paintings: Francisco Rosas Pulido

On display at Gallery Obscura
September 12th – October 15th, 2016
Gallery Reception September 22nd, 4-7pm

There is no one I can talk to about Francisco…not my sisters or my old friends (they want nothing to do with him and no longer visit us), not our neighbors, nor the people I work with. Francisco is an alcoholic and drug addict. We no longer invite people over to our house because we don’t know what state he will be in.  Our lives would be easier if Francisco was living somewhere else, but pushing him out would mean he would join the ranks of troubled homeless people. This is the story of his/our struggle.

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PH52 Fall 2016 Lecture Series “Photographers and Their Images” Announced


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The Fall 2016 line up for “PH52: Photographers and Their Images” featuring professional photographers who come to lecture and show their work at City College of San Francisco (CCSF) Monday nights throughout the year has been announced. Be sure to register for this one unit course to secure your seat. This series of lectures is available to be taken for one college credit and there are no pre-requisites. Lectures this semester are free and open to the public as indicated as part of CCSF’s Concert and Lecture Series, otherwise all others require registration. Register online now or stop by the photography issue room (160) to pick up an add code week. If you would like to repeat the course, you can do so as a continuing education student, show up to the first class. The fee is $105.  The public is also invited but a donation to CCSF’s Photo Department to help support this series is appreciated.  REGISTER HERE

PH52-501 “Photographers and Their Images”, (1) CRN 71101  (transfers CSU)
Watch streaming presentations from previous artists here. 

10/10 Bénédicte Lassalle: Bénédicte Lassalle was born in Provence, South of France in 1975 and lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area. WEBSITE

In her work, she finds poetry in the surroundings and objects of ordinary, everyday life. She is inspired by traces of individuality, timelessness and composition. Her work, influenced by photographic journalism, aims to capture its subject’s sensations – to record rather than embellish. Bénédicte has won several awards, has been exhibited in the U.S. and Europe. Her work has been published around the world in The Boston Globe, Leica World Magazine, Azart Photographie, L’Humanité, Libération, La Croix, Marie Claire, Télérama, EducPro, Notre Temps, Enfant Magazine, Mother & Baby, Jungle World, Wir Eltern, Eltern Family. She is represented at home by Gallery Kayafas in Boston and abroad by Agence Révélateur, Maison de Photographs (France) and Plain Picture (Germany). She is currently working on The Coming Out Project, which was recently shown at the Brush Gallery, curated by Jen Mergel, Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA.

10/17 Oliver Padilla: Oliver Padilla is an artist from San Francisco and alumni of the CCSF Photo Department currently living in Tucson, Arizona. He received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from California College of the Arts, and is currently a Master of Fine Art Candidate at the University of Arizona. Padilla has shown work both locally and internationally. His works are often displayed as artist books and printed photographs, however he also does installations, performances, and video art. Padilla has received various academic awards including the 2016 Medici Scholar Award. His Master of Fine Art thesis exhibition will be at the University of Arizona Museum of Art in Spring 2017. WEBSITE

Padilla’s largest body of work is the Excelsior Archive, which he started in 2011. He has consistently photographed the main street in the Excelsior neighborhood, tracking the visual change the neighborhood has gone through. From the rise of the recession and into the economic surge the San Francisco Bay Area has experienced. The Excelsior Archive is meant to encapsulate and show the changes in storefronts, buildings, and people who inhabit the neighborhood.

10/24 David Pace: David Pace is a photographer, filmmaker and curator. He received his MFA from San Jose State University in 1991 and taught photography for more than twenty years throughout the Bay Area. Pace served as Resident Director of Santa Clara University’s study abroad program in West Africa from 2009 – 2013. He has been photographing in the small sub-Saharan country of Burkina Faso annually since 2007, documenting daily life in Bereba, a remote village without electricity or running water. Pace’s images of rural West Africa have been exhibited internationally and have been published in The New Yorker, The Financial Times of London, National Geographic, NPR’s The Picture Show, Slate Magazine, The Huffington Post, Verve, Feature Shoot, PDN, Wall Street International, Camera Magazine (Germany) and Lensculture. A monograph of his project Sur La Route was published by Blue Sky Books in the fall of 2014 and an exhibition catalog was published in 2016 by the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA. He is represented by Wirtz Art (formerly the Stephen Wirtz Gallery). WEBSITE

10/31 EXTRA CREDIT no class. Watch and write about a past lecturer here.

11/7 Liz Steketee: Liz lives in the San Francisco with her husband and two children where she maintains her own art practice. Liz is a member of the photo faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute where she specializes in digital imaging, compositing, and the handmade book. In 2005, Liz completed her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. At SFAI, Liz received the prestigious John Collier Award of Excellence for her Masters thesis project. This project was based on the turbulent circumstances surrounding the birth of Liz’s first child, Emma. After completing her graduate studies, Liz dedicated her work fully to art practice and teaching. Liz’s personal work focuses the notions of photography and its role in family life, memory, and our sense of self. Her work ventures into the realms of mixed media, book arts, and photography, often combining these areas as one. WEBSITE

11/14 John Lee: John Lee is a photographer based in San Francisco. He works primarily as a food and portrait photographer, but his roots are in photojournalism. He was a staff photographer for the Chicago Tribune from 1996 to 2005 — covering presidential campaigns, the rise of China, civil unrest in Haiti, Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan and Indonesia, and the war in Iraq. Lee left the Chicago Tribune in 2005 to pursue culinary photography and portraiture in his hometown of San Francisco. Since then, he has photographed more than a dozen cookbooks. He approaches food photography from a gastronomic and cultural anthropologic perspective. WEBSITE

11/21 Judy Walgren: Judy Walgren is the Editorial Director for the visual storytelling start-up, ViewFind, where she manages a team of photo editors, writers and designers. From 2010 to 2015, Walgren was the Director of Photography at the San Francisco Chronicle, where she managed a staff of visual content producers, photo editors and pre-press imagers for print and digital platforms. She has also worked for the Denver Post, The Rocky Mountain News and the Dallas Morning News. Walgren received a Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting with a team from the Morning New for their series dealing with violent human rights against women. She received her Masters in Fine Art from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in January 2016. Walgren lives in San Francisco. MORE INFO

Solo Exhibition: Elaine Moreno “Concrete Memory”

Concrete Memory

Many of the areas that I photograph have transitioned from business or military structures, to kick-it spots for locals to unwind and explore as they make their way through life in such an ever changing home. These photos are a collection of dreams and memories that have stuck with me over the years. Taken with a 4×5 view camera.

Black and White Photography by Elaine Moreno
On display at Gallery Obscura
August 16 – September 10, 2016

Reception: Wednesday August 31st, 6-8 pm

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Elaine Moreno Photography Website

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Outdoor & Ambient Lighting Phot 80 – Summer spots still available

Outdoor & Ambient Lighting
Robert M. Nishihira

CRN#:  52957/ Section: 001
 Units: 3
Lec: MW/ 9:10-11:15 am HC 202
Lab: MW / 11:40-3:40 pm HC 202

Spring 2016 Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship Recipient – Joseph Johnston

Congratulations to Joseph Johnston for winning the Spring 2016 Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship! Jospeh will be exhibiting his winning portfolio, “Francisco: Struggling with Addictions” in Gallery Obscura in the Fall ’16 semester.

“There is no one I can talk to about Francisco…not my sisters (they want him deported), not my old friends (they want nothing to do with him and no longer visit us), not our neighbors (they have seen too much already), nor the people I work with (too personal and inappropriate). Francisco is an alcoholic and drug addict.”- Joseph Johnston

joseph johnston

“I come home to find Francisco sleeping off a hangover. The dogs have torn apart a roll of toilet paper before also falling asleep beside him.”



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