Prof. John Harding Releases Book “Analog Days”

John Harding is a part-time instructor at City College of San Francisco in the Photography Department. His most recent book “Analog Days” was quietly released in March. Congratulations John! To see more work and buy the book visit Harding’s website.

Japan Exposures bookshop writes:

“Analog Days brings together work spanning four decades from the 1970s up to the decade just past. Primarily centered around San Francisco, these are the streets of that fair city by the bay as it moves from raw, messy post-60s hippiedom to reurbanized yuppiedom.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Harding was among those primarily American photographers who followed William Eggleston’s lead and created an explosion of compelling color photography work. “New Color” as they were called. In Sally Eauclaire’s 1987 American Independents: Eighteen Color Photographs, along with such well-regarded colorists as the aforementioned Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Mitch Epstein, Joel Meyerowitz, Richard Misrach, and Joel Sternfeld, one can find Harding.”

Hardcover, 31cm x 26cm, 98 pages, 78 color photographs. Foreword by Sandra Phillips, Senior Curator of Photography, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (in Japanese and English). Edited by Henry Wessel.

To preview the contents of this book, click here.

Harding’s photographic specialty is people on location. He has photographed over 900 assignments for corporate clients and national and regional publications including Money, Fortune, TV Guide, Elle, Cigar Aficionado, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Wired, etc. Other work includes documentary projects for the Miriam and Peter Haas Fund, the SFMOMA and photographs of the San Francisco Outlands.

Harding received an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is the recepient of a NEA grant and Guggenheim Fellowship. Harding has a personal interest in street photography on view at


2 Comments on “Prof. John Harding Releases Book “Analog Days””

  1. lara says:

    the link above goes to a danish gallery site. would love to find a place to buy the book if this is the same john hardling that taught at CCSF in the mid-70s. he was a very influential teacher in my career.

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